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Clauses Every Commercial Tenant Should Look For

Although most commercial leases have easy to understand terms and clauses, it’s important that every tenant to read through each clause, understand its utility, and know specific ramifications if any clause is activated. Let’s look at clauses and verbiage commercial tenants should fully understand before locking themselves into a new lease.   Term Clause Arbitrary…

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What is the Best Way to Hold Real Estate I Want to Pass On?

People with substantial real estate assets often think about passing on that legacy.  Whether you are thinking about your children or charity, planning is important to avoid the costly public process called probate that settles your estate and then divides what is left.  Smart transfers of property can also help limit tax implications and provide…

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The D.C. Council is about to Amend the Law Protecting Tenants’ Rights

The D.C. Council enacted the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (“TOPA”) in 1980 with the worthy goal of empowering tenants to defend themselves from developers that were forcing people from low-income housing. Under TOPA, tenants have the right of first refusal to buy their homes when the property is offered for sale. Through numerous—sometimes convoluted—amendments…

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